Sunday, October 22, 2017

Remy girl is 1

This surely had to be the fastest year of our lives! Can't believe Remy baby is one year old. She is truly the sweetest little thing and we are so very lucky to be her family. 

Remy is not quite walking on her own but loves to walk behind her little cart or her baby stroller. Baby dolls are her favorite and she gives them the hugest hugs and snuggles. She also loves those Fisher Price Little People figurines.....we call them her "guys"....and she usually has at least one that she is toting around. She loooooves music and throws her hands in the air whenever a song comes on......right now we keep playing "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons and she kicks her feet and squeals when it comes on. She also loves the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and any other Disney music. She prefers meatloaf over macaroni and cheese, fish and chicken over vegetables, loves Ritz crackers......and just generally loves to eat. She is not a great sleeper......she will sleep in her bed (still in our room

I really can't believe we are approaching Halloween again.....last year at Halloween she was up to around 6 she's around 24 pounds and has rolls and rolls and rolls! So fun to see her grow and be such a happy baby. Many days still in disbelief that I have a daughter!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Catching up from spring break

Back in March we spent a beautiful week at the beach in Naples with Rob's dad and Mary. It was Remy's first vaycay, so it was extra special. Mace absolutely loves playing in the sand, so we did a lot of just hanging at the beach and out on the patio overlooking the ocean. We spent some time at the pool and made it to the Naples Zoo for the first time as well (They have an anteater there which was the highlight I think! Neat creature.) We are so grateful to be able to spend this time at the beach with the fam!

Honestly it sort of feels like since spring break, all we have done is pack and do laundry! We have gone on a few other little trips this summer, and it has been the absolute best! Looking forward to a couple more weeks of summer before school starts again.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Preschool graduation

My little summer birthday buddy will be off to half-day kindergarten next year, so we celebrated his graduation from preschool Thursday night. It was so sweet! He has such special teachers who have taught him so much. We feel very fortunate that he will still be with them in the afternoons next year. 

I know Mace would do wonderfully in kindergarten.....he's so smart and such a good listener. Ultimately we decided we want him to stay little for another year! I went to half-day kindergarten when I was a kid, and I loved being one of the oldest in my class, so I hope Mace appreciates that too. Half-day kindergarten programs are rare around here, and it just so happens that my schools offers it. He is officially open-enrolled and will be in my school district for morning kindergarten next year!

Preschool grad May 2017 from Sally on Vimeo.

Singing in the rain from Sally on Vimeo.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Adios 2016

What a special year with my faves!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A year

HOW CRAZY is it how much things can change in a year? Well, things can change overnight too, but it is just amazing to me how fun the last few Christmases with Mace have been......and how much more fun this Christmas will be with his baby sister too! A year ago I wasn't even expecting......I didn't have any idea we would have a baby this year. And yet I just wrapped a Cabbage Patch Cutie baby doll to put under the tree for this munchkin! I'm still in a little bit of disbelief that this is my real life!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What Child Is This

Pretty sure it was just Halloween! It seems so sudden that Christmas is here. We have had a fun few weeks preparing for the holidays....these two munchkins are keeping us busy for sure. We started off December with Mace and Remy being baptized on the second Sunday of Advent. It was so special and the church looked perfect all decorated for Christmas. During the service we sang "What Child Is This" which is one of my favorite carols.
Many family members were there to support the children which was especially meaningful to us.
The last couple of weeks have been a blur of wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies. Mace has actually been interested in watching movies lately--generally he is too sensitive to watch movies, and he knows it! He gets teary over everything. The little boy losing the ticket on the Polar Express? Tears. Kevin's mom gone in Home Alone? The absolute worst. We have managed to watch several movies lately though--Home Alone & Home Alone 2 (he just refers to these movies as Kevin 1 and Kevin 2 and knows the entire soundtracks), Elf (he really likes this one), Gremlins (he watched the whole thing surprisingly!), The Polar Express (loves the end), Finding Dory (I thought this was a good sequel. Mace was sad when Dory was alone), and of course Star Wars movies are always on repeat....although The Sandlot is becoming a favorite too.

We also watched The Wizard of Oz and Mace loved it which was really neat since it was my grandma's favorite. Whenever we watch anything, we usually talk about who each of us would be if we dressed like those characters for Halloween. No clue why, we just love Halloween :)) For Wizard of Oz, Mace thought I could be Dorothy, Remy could be the good witch, Rob could be the scarecrow......and when I was absolutely sure Mace would say he wanted to be the tin man.....he said he would be the tornado!!!! WHAT. So crazy.

Let's see...what else. We got Mace a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar which has given him something to look forward to each for all of us actually. The Lego City one is really cute too, maybe we'll do that one next year. As usual we may have gone overboard for Christmas, but I'm not kidding when I say that the Christmas in my fantasy is the Christmas the McCallister's wake up to at the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2!!!

Feeling very fortunate this year to have two children to instill the Christmas spirit in.....especially looking forward to Remy Eve's first Christmas Eve.