Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Convenient = Late

I find that the more convenient a location is to get to, the more likely I am to arrive at that location late.

For example: The parking deck across from Gerdin happens to be an incredibly convenient place for me to park when I go to class. I basically have to cross the street and walk up some stairs to get to Ross Hall. However, that doesn't stop me from arriving to History 406 each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at exactly 10am, right when class is beginning. Sometimes I even try to get there a little earlier. It just doesn't happen.

I noticed my dilemma today when I entered the second floor of the Memorial Union from the MU parking ramp. I was looking for room 256--the Study Abroad office. I opened the door from the ramp, and there it was. I couldn't have stumbled upon this office more easily if I tried. After my meeting with the lady who is hopefully going to help send me to Heidelberg, Germany, I exited the building and went out to my car. My fee at the ramp was only fifty cents. I thought to myself, Wow, the study abroad office is in such a fine location! I can get right in and out, no problem! I also thought to myself, I could have left home much later for this appointment--after all, I had been fifteen minutes early! That got me thinking about convenient locations and how I like to not leave too much room to spare to get to those locations. I wonder if I'll be so early--or even on time--on my next visit to 256 MU.

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  1. So your really going to leave me this summer.... ahh.. After all we've been through, and you do this to me? Just kidding, I'd do it to me too.. If I had money, I would study abroad and pretend I really did like school. I guess you can go, as long as you promise to come back.