Thursday, February 23, 2006

Winging it

"Let's discuss the reading for today." .......Some students sheepishly start thumbing through the book they have before them, hoping that a few key words will catch their eyes and they might be able to offer something productive--and more importantly, something that makes the professor think they actually did the reading--during the discussion. The rest of the class sits there staring at a blank desk in front of them because
A) they don't yet (and quite possibly never will) own the book that was to be read,
B) they own the book, but it still has the plastic wrap on it from the bookstore, or
C) they know that someone in the class must have read the material--they'll wing it.
The professor looks around, waiting for someone to start the discussion. The students sit as still as possible, knowing that the slightest movement--especially in the prof's peripheral vision--could be mistaken for volunteering. In their heads, they all plan out some random, arbitrary thing to say in case this is one of those teachers who likes to just call out names for answers. Each student mentally calculates their chances of being called upon. Finally, the kid who actually read the book says something, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Never fails--you really can count on your peers to do your homework for you.

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  1. That was you in class today wasn't it? You were the one who started talking to save the other kid's hynies. hinies? I dont even know how to spell butt.
    It's okay though, Sally. Dj and I already decided we're okay with the fact that your a nerd. :)
    Just kidding.. your far from a nerd.

    Athletic trainer for the Iowa State Marching Band