Friday, March 24, 2006

Not a big deal

1. When I lived in Minneapolis, there were never tractors at the stoplights in the middle of the city. I never saw a tractor in town the whole time I was there. In Ames, one might see many tractors in town on any given day.

2. Before my brother graduated from high school, and we both lived at home, he would drive me to school. He would usually get me there with just a few minutes to spare, and he was usually late. One time, when he had a cast on his arm, and was using his other to do his Calculus homework, steer the car, and operate the radio at the same time, I felt a little nervous. I liked riding with my brother to school. He brought some good music into my life and has always been one of my best friends. Last semester, I rode with him to campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays because we had class at the same time. That was kind of fun. He would usually get me there with a few minutes to spare, and he was usually late.

3. Being decked out in lime green is an interesting choice for a cold and cloudy March 24th. I think it would have even been too much for my friend Ali, who might even love the color lime green.

4. I am meeting my parents in Waterloo tonight for the last Blackhawks home game of the season. The Blackhawks didn't make it into the postseason this year.

5. "It's not a big's an exhibition game," Johnny Damon said after the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-4 Wednesday night, March 22, in Tampa. "There's going to be a lot of games against them over there." Damon went 1-4 as the designated hitter in his first game against his former team. He received a loud cheer, mixed in with some boos from visiting Boston fans, before his first at-bat.

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