Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One time in Florida

One time I saw a guy die.

It was in March when I was in Florida for spring break with Kiley. We were eating at some local seafood-y place with Kiley's aunt, and when we went to leave, we saw an older gentleman collapse at his table. As lifeguards, and certified in CPR for Professional Rescuers, Kiley and I thought we may have to be the first ones to do something, but as luck would have it (and as every movie depicts accurately it seems), there happened to be a nurse in the restaurant who even had her pocket mask with her. We watched as she and someone else started chest thrusts on the man. He was unconscious and very well could have been choking. They were able to clear his airway, but the man's condition was clearly not improving; he turned blue and once CPR began, people really started to get scared. I went outside to stop people from coming into the restaurant, and Ki and Auntie cleared chairs away from the door.

It seemed like forever until the ambulance arrived, and by the time they did, the guy was probably already dead. The EMTs continued CPR, but Ki and I found out later from Auntie that he died from a massive heart attack.


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