Monday, May 28, 2007

Petition for Memorial Week and for the Official Opening of the Pool at Bella Centro

It was different in February. I didn't even really mind when that bunny was sometimes-floating, sometimes-frozen in his accidental tomb of a poorly covered swimming pool. It was February! And Iowa! Who cares if a pool is clean or filthy in February in Iowa? I certainly didn't. But it's May. May 28th. Memorial Day. The last day of Memorial Day weekend. The weekend that went too fast--that always goes too fast--and officially needs to become Memorial Week. The local pool is supposed to open Memorial Day weekend! And while this isn't necessarily my local pool--okay, it isn't my local pool--and I have exactly zero dollars invested in the place, I have a very close friend who has plenty invested in Bella Centro and its pool currently filled with three inches of mud instead of eight feet of cool blue water. And I have a feeling if I ask him nicely, my very close friend will let me use the pool, granting that it actually gets cleaned at some point. Like tomorrow would be nice.

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