Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I recommend avoiding 7:30am summer classes if at all possible. If it isn't possible, you are me.

Well, getting up at 6:30am sucks!

I don't know anything about science. Nothing about, say, "concepts and current issues in biology" even though my text book looks a lot like a magazine. Not a magazine I would subscribe to though. I probably couldn't even afford the shipping.

There was a dead squirrel laying on a sidewalk on campus this morning. Like he just got too hot and collapsed and died. About how I'm gonna look one of these days when I collapse at Ames Racquet after watching too many innings on the elliptical, or even worse, the treadmill.

The good news is that Rob's pool has finally been filled! And the terrible news is that not a single person living at Bella Centro seems to have a key that works to get in!

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