Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

I didn't make it back to Independence for the huge family picnic that my aunt throws at her house every year on the fourth. Rob and I stayed in Des Moines instead. We would have liked to go home, but the drive seemed like too much for just one day. At least we were home last weekend, so we got to see our families then.

We celebrated our American patriotism by getting giant margaritas for lunch at the Mexican restaurant by Jordan Creek. It isn't our favorite Mexican place--we prefer Los Cabos because they have $1.50 ten ounce margaritas during happy hour. They weren't open yesterday though.

Last night we went to the I-Cubs game. It was packed. We didn't buy tickets ahead of time and almost got stuck with standing room only, but a guy in line ahead of us had two extra grandstand tickets. I don't think we would have stayed if we would've had to stand. It was so hot for the first half of the game. Barack Obama showed up at the game. I wished the Clintons were there instead.

The I-Cubs lost, but the fireworks after the game were awesome. It seems like there are always good fireworks at Principal Park. I was a pro at using the fireworks mode on my camera by this point.

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