Monday, August 06, 2007


The last couple weeks have been busy! Quick update...

I completed my move to Johnston. I live with Paige Ficken (we went to school together in Indee) off of Merle Hay Road. Come visit if you are in Des Moines! Paige is starting nursing school at Mercy here in Des Moines and I have one semester of classes left at Iowa State before I student teach. I only live 15-20 minutes from Rob and from Andy and Shristi (and soon Baby Shonka!) now which is really nice.

A couple weeks ago my grandma and grandpa Shonka and my great-aunt and uncle Pat and Duane (from New Mexico)--along with my parents--came to Des Moines to visit Andy and Shristi and see their new house. I was in Ames that morning and afternoon with Kiley--we were working our tails off to clean and check out of our apartment in Ames. I didn't make it back to DSM in time to eat with everyone, but they all stopped by my place before heading back to Indee!

Rob's parents were in town this last weekend. We ate with them on Friday night and went to the Downtown Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. After lunch and some shopping, Rob and I headed to Adventureland to meet up with my aunt and uncle Joni and Bob and a few of my cousins. Sunday morning Joni and Bob stopped at my place, and then Rob and I rushed off to meet some friends at the afternoon I-Cubs game. It's so nice that our families have been in DSM lately because we've been struggling to find time to make it home!

This week of August is so busy....Andy turned 27 yesterday, tomorrow my parents will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary, my birthday is Friday, Rob's mom's birthday is on Sunday.....and soon Baby Shonka will be here!

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