Sunday, January 06, 2008

Barack Obama and Caucus Night

Wednesday night I went with my parents to Waterloo East High School to see Barack and Michelle Obama. My mom and dad had seen Michelle the day before in Independence, but they hadn't seen Barack yet. It was a really big event, there were tons of people there, and it was a hundred degrees inside the gym. It was fun to see them, but I wish I would have gone to a smaller event so that I could have heard him talk with the audience more. This was more like a big party.

Michelle Obama introducing her husband

Thursday night--Caucus night finally!--I convinced my mom to forget her Republican ways--if only for a night--and caucus with me for Hillary Clinton. I really like all of the Democratic candidates and think any one of them would be a great President, but I caucused for Hillary Clinton because she has so much experience, she is an advocate for education and especially universal pre-K, and most importantly, she is a woman! Women think differently than men, and it would be awesome to see what a woman could do leading the United States.

The Iowa caucuses turned out to be a huge success with record numbers in attendance. At my precinct in Quasqueton, there were 152 people. It turned out to be a three way tie among Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, each sending five delegates.

Now that the caucuses are over, Des Moines has been deserted, and you can probably book any downtown hotel you want.

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