Thursday, February 14, 2008

My school ID says "Teacher" :)

I'm at the end of my fifth week of student teaching, and it has been going very well. My kids are all fantastic, and I'm having a great time. Last semester I had several classes in which current student teachers were invited to present their ups and downs, exciting moments, dilemmas, and quandaries. Mostly they talked about their dilemmas and quandaries. That was a huge disappointment for me at the time. It seemed then as though I probably wouldn't even make it to graduation--or at least not without getting a couple prescriptions for anti-depressants. And then if I DID make it to graduation, I wouldn't be looking to school districts for employment--I would be looking to Meredith.

Well, well. Even though graduation is still 12 weeks away, I'm pretty sure I won't be needing any meds. Maybe I just got lucky--great colleagues, great administration, amazing kids. I'm not sure why so many others before me had such negative experiences (maybe I should wait until my last week to say that?). Anything negative I might experience this semester is mostly to do with Iowa State University. Well, completely to do with Iowa State University. Only a few more hoops to jump through though!

Besides working full time with zero compensation (I mean, not even a tuition break? Come on!), which is the one vice I cannot let go (Someone working for the State of Iowa is going to get a letter), I'm going to prepare my glory stories for when I am *hopefully* invited to a class at the end of the semester to spill my student teaching guts.

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