Monday, March 03, 2008

Yeah, I've seen Ben Folds six times

Iowa City, Milwaukee times two (Summerfest and The Rave), Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa City again. I went to my sixth Ben show last night! Rob went to his first. We had so much fun! Usually Ben Folds shows are pretty much the same--very predictable. He has a new album coming out soon though, so he played some new music last night, which was a nice change. He's got these two pals that play with him now, and I think they are giving him new inspiration or something. He left out "Not the Same" and the whole bit with having the crowd sing the harmonies--no complaints from me because I've been through that five times already PLUS it's on his live album. Also, he didn't have the crowd practice the horn parts in "Army"--I think Ben finally realized that most people get it--especially if you've been to one of his shows before.

It was NOT an awesome experience getting to and from Iowa City last night. We were driving from Indee, and it started pouring as soon as we hit Center Point. It got really foggy, and traffic was moving super slow. It rained the whole way to IC, and we considered just heading back for Des Moines then, but we decided to go to the show and hoped it would stop raining. When we came out of the show at 10:30, it wasn't raining anymore, but when we got about 30 minutes away from IC, it started to sleet. Rob had the pleasure of driving from IC to DSM, and he didn't enjoy it one bit. It took us over two and a half hours to get from IC to DSM--we got to Rob's in West Des Moines a little after 1am.

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