Tuesday, April 15, 2008

♥ Kiley ♥

-Stole this one from fb ;)-

Kiley is another one of my closest friends and will be the bridesmaid wearing the neon orange poofy Cinderella gown at the wedding. Just kidding. Maybe. The microscopic picture of her below was taken from the ISU Athletic Training website. She's a second-year athletic training student and will graduate in December of this year. Right now Kiley's the Head Student Trainer for the women's soccer team. Not many second year AT students get to be Head Student Trainers! After graduating she will continue doing some training work with teams on campus and will start taking grad classes. I am so proud of her :)

Once upon a time, Kiley and I met while lifeguarding at Beyer Pool when we both worked for Recreation Services at ISU. She is the first friend I had at ISU outside of marching band. We hit it off immediately after we found out we had so much in common, like always craving a Frosty from Wendy's when we were leaving Beyer Pool. She was such a great friend to have after transferring from Minnesota. She's originally from Storm Lake, and her parents even lived in Independence for a while. Her dad Jeff Stavnes went to college with Jon Miller and is still good friends with him.

-With Wally the Green Monster @ Red Sox spring training!-

Spring Break 2006 we spent the week in Florida. The rumor was that we were picking up guys...but we weren't much interested in the retired folk of Sarasota! :D We were so glad to get out of Ames for a while! We spent the week at the beach, Red Sox spring training, and her auntie's pool. We had the best time staying with her aunt. Unfortunately, it came out that I am terrified of "deep ships"--and I will forever be known as "Deep Ship Shonka" in the Stavnes family :)

When Kiley was a student trainer for the football team and I was in marching band, we always met at the 30 yard line before our pregame show started for chats and pictures. And for some reason even though we both had some type of uniform to wear, I always ended up looking like a complete loser! Must be the feathers.

-Whoa, sophomore year?-

-I actually love all three of these weirdos :)-

Kiley and I have had our share of townie bar experiences and do our best to make it to Alburnett (Ki's mom's fam) and Indee for even more when we can. This picture of Kiley, Rob, and Alexa in Indee is priceless.

I love this girl more than I can say. I was so lucky to live with her last year, and I wondered how I would ever make it without her right across the hallway from me. :) She has done a zillion things for me over the last few years, and I know she would always do anything for me in the future.

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