Sunday, April 13, 2008


Usually VEISHEA is held at the end of April, usually the weather is decent, and usually there are thousands of people roaming central campus. Instead, VEISHEA was two weeks earlier this year, the weather was terribly cold and even a little snowy, and hardly anyone was on campus. ISU's new wristband policy kept a lot of people away, and the weather kept even more students from watching the bands and other events outside.

-I wish I could see these girlies more often-

I went to Ames Saturday night to see friends I hadn't seen in almost a year. Nikki Sevey, one of my roommates from last year, lives in Minneapolis now, so it's rare when she's in town. It was fun to have a reunion. Nikki, Kiley, and I haven't all been together at the same time since we lived together last year.

-Kiley and Nikki-

Later I got to see my friend Amy. The lines at the bars in Campustown were super long, so we went to Main Street for a while so we could actually talk. I love hanging out with Amy! We met through English ed and have similar views on many topics. She is also student teaching this semester.

Even LATER, I got to see Brendan who I haven't seen since last April. He graduated last year, and then went on a bike trip across the entire country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. After that he started grad school at North Dakota State in Fargo, ND. Brendan and I used to lifeguard together at ISU and we ended up in the same grammar class when Brendan felt (for a very short time) that he wanted to double major with English. ;)


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