Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama rally

Rob and I decided to go downtown to the Barack Obama rally last night. We figured it would probably be the last time he would be back in Iowa for quite a while--and Rob had never seen him before. Doors opened to the intersection of Locust and East 6th Street at 7:30 and the rally was supposed to begin at 8. But he didn't get there until about 9:10 and then it was over by 9:35.

This was part of the line before the doors opened.
It stretched around 6 or 7 blocks.

I enjoyed listening to Barack Obama much more this time than when I saw him in Waterloo during caucus time. Then, it was obvious that he had given the same exact speech probably 12 times already that day. I had not been impressed or inspired. Last night's speech was completely different. He was able to comment on current events around the nation rather than focusing on only the Iowa caucuses. The people who came in after we did. They jam-packed that intersection.

Obama talked about Ted Kennedy and said a lot of nice things about Hillary Clinton. He seems like he will be able to appeal more to the working middle class in the coming months--which he hasn't done very well with so far. I wasn't sure if that was something he could do, as he has carried the white collar Dem vote, and the working middle class seems to follow Clinton. Maybe it's John Edwards endorsement that has him trying to cater to everyone now. I'm not sure. I like him better though after seeing him last night.

My camera wasn't taking very good pictures because the sun
was mostly down and we were pretty far away.

Video of Obama saying nice things about Hillary :)

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