Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brown boys at work

We are finally able to grill! Rob's parents got him a grill for his birthday. Putting it together was a bit of a challenge. The first hour went by and not much progress was being made, so I had to go supervise.

Lots of pieces, not a lot of action yet

More pieces

Robbie's the Snap-on screwdrivers from my dad.

Break time already?!

Back to the directions

Couldn't get through without an injury (cut finger)

I am in the process of making the move to Rob's condo. My lease isn't up until the end of June, so we are trying to do it in small moves over the next month so it doesn't get too overwhelming. Ryan came yesterday to take some of my stuff to the house he's moving in to in Cedar Falls....and while he was here, he got to deal with my desk.
I have the best desk in the world (no one shares this opinion with me), and I need THIS desk. It has shelves for books, separate shelves for the tower, monitor, printer, etc, and entire desktop area to work or use my laptop. It's too big to fit through most doorways, so it has to be taken apart every time it is moved. I have been threatened during my last two moves that THAT would be the LAST time that desk went ANYWHERE. But I am keeping this desk until it truly cannot be put back together. And that is why I closely supervise the tearing down and rebuilding of this desk--because too many people want it destroyed, and they would do it just so I would have to get a new one. But I will not let that happen. :)

Ryan took it apart and moved it much easier than I remembered in the past.

Rob got to put it back together.


  1. You are sooooo right. Nothing happens UNLESS you supervise. This statement is 110% true.

  2. darm0v12:57 PM

    I'm glad to see that you finally have a grill. Are you endorsing Thermos products now? How many burners are you working with? My small Weber only has one, and therefore is not capable of the Weber-recommended sear and indirect heat technique. Consequently, my steaks have been turning out subpar. I hope you're enjoying better luck with your new tool.