Friday, June 06, 2008

♥ Emily ♥

Emily is my cousin! She's also going to be a personal attendant at the wedding. Emily and I are only a few weeks apart--she was born July 19th, 1985, and I was born August 10th.

Emily and me, November 1985, few months old

We aren't first cousins, but our parents are. My dad and Em's mom are first cousins. We haven't always gotten to spend a lot of time together because she lives in Wilton. She graduated from Durant HS. She's now at Ashford University and will graduate will a degree in clinical psychology next year.

Em and me, November 2000, age 15 at Gram Shonka's funeral dinner

One thing I have in common with Em that I don't have in common with many other people is the same family. We aren't always around the family that we share too often, but we keep each other up to date about what's going on. We have pretty interesting stories to share that other people just wouldn't understand :)

We've been pals since we were little kids, seeing each other while visiting our Great-Grandma Shonka, going to a 98 Degrees concert together when we were in middle school, and going to high school graduations. Our families have always told us that we look similar, so we took up calling each other Sister a long time ago :) I just wish I got to see her more often!!!

March 2008, age 22 ---->LOVE this girl

She has always gotten everything a few weeks before me....turning 16, turning 21, graduating HS....guess I won't mind much when she turns 100 or something :D ---->And of course Em had to remind me that I'm getting married first. I'm so lucky to know and be friends with Emily, but even better, we're family.

Picking out dresses~Jenna, me, Laura, Em, Shris, Zala

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