Friday, June 13, 2008

♥ Jenna ♥

Jenna Radke is another bridesmaid in the wedding. I met Jenna through Kiley; they are both in the Athletic Training Program at Iowa State. Jenna graduates next year--the athletic training program usually takes an extra year. Jenna, Kiley, and I all lived together last summer after Nikki graduated and moved out. It was pretty much just me and Jenna there last summer though, as Kiley was working at hockey camps in Colorado. We had a fun summer...spending quite a few Wednesday evenings at Olde Main with lots of friends :D

Me, Jenna, Angel

I haven't known Jenna all that long, but she has proven to be a great friend. She definitely saved my sanity during my last fall semester as I completed 22 credit hours and drove to Ames from Johnston every day. I usually went to my practicum at Johnston HS in the mornings, tutored 6th and 8th graders at Woodward-Granger MS after that, and then drove to Ames for class and my job in the Philosophy Department--and I could always count on seeing Jenna at least one day a week during my short lunch break.

My birthday last year~me, Jenna, Angel, Alexa....
and the little cheapo juice drinks :)

Jenna is spending the summer as an athletic training intern with J Robinson Camps. She has an awesome opportunity to work with several camps throughout the United States. She starts out in Iowa and travels to Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Oregon. And she gets paid! :) Luckily the wedding falls right in between her Minnesota and Oregon camps, and she has worked her tail off figuring out the logistics of getting here. Jenna's a perfectionist, so when she says she's freaking out about something, it's just normal :)

The bad part about the J Robinson Camps is that I won't get to see Jenna again until July 25th. She has already been such a huge help to me though; her and Kiley got to work addressing invitations last week. When I tell my other friends about Jenna, I say that she is the absolute nicest person. The girl doesn't have an ill wish in her brain. I can always count on her for anything at all, and she is just a fantastic friend to have. I'm going to miss her this summer, but the wedding will just be an extra blowout since I won't have seen her for so long :)

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