Saturday, July 26, 2008

♥ Alexa ♥

We actually have too many stories to share :)

Des Moines Bucs hockey game

Bachelorette party

Alexa Doan is my best friend and maid of honor. We went to school together our entire lives (until college), but it was probably through Project Think that we became such good friends. Sometimes, while our fabulously intelligent fellow Project Thinkers, Future Problem Solvers, and Math Olympians were working away solving complex issues at the tender age of 10, Alexa and I were writing songs and dancing jigs in the bathroom. Our teacher didn't necessarily appreciate our frequent outbursts of ideas--some of which may or may not have related to the topic at hand.I put this picture up of Alexa appearing to do a magic trick because this is just one example of her fantastic personality that I love so much. She is actually not pretending to pull a rabbit out of a can koozie....she is just showing off her camera case. Yes, camera cases are indeed for sale at WalMart for less than one dollar....but those just are not the right shape for Alexa's camera. This Ski-Doo can koozie is actually an upgrade from the sheet of bubble wrap that used to contain her camera. :D (She's actually upgraded once more--to a sunglasses case!)

3 mummies....going to the Indee football game on Halloween night when we were seniors

Alexa, me, Alison Bowden....Rose Bowl? Some sort of football game party at the Shonka household in Ames

Rob and Alexa at VEISHEA one year. Partying to their fave--Saliva, I think.

At the shower my aunt and cousin had for me

Alexa's 22nd

To this day I envy her hair but I suppose I've accepted the fact I'll be stuck with my own boring locks forever. I love everything about this girl. It really fills me up to be around her. She's been a lifesaver throughout all of the planning for the wedding....and she's just a lifesaver in general. What I love about her most is that I know I can count on her for anything. It's wonderful to have such a dependable friend. She has been such a relief to me so many more times than she knows--when we have the chance to catch up on the phone, when she comes to visit, whenever we can find the time to get together. I'm sure Rob loves Alexa almost as much as I do because she helps keep me sane in turbulent times! I'm so lucky to have the BEST best friend :)

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