Wednesday, July 23, 2008

♥ Happy Birthday, Paige! ♥

Paige and I have been friends for too long to count. She's a personal attendant at the wedding because she knows how to keep me in line. We've been friends so long that we even have several sports pictures from Wilson Photography together...and they all look about as nice as this one....except in this one Paige had braces, so she refused to open her mouth to actually smile!

When Paige and I were in middle school, we took up scrapbooking. This consisted of us taking pictures of each other doing anything and everything--just so we would have some pictures to put in our fancy albums. We had pictures of ourselves combing our hair at the pool. Sitting on the benches outside of Walmart. Drinking root beer at A&W. Shooting pool in my grandma's basement. Standing in the driveway. Standing in the hallway at school. SCRAPBOOKING. Action shots, if you know what I mean. Really interesting stuff to look at.

A perfect example of a scrapbook photo. Paige standing on our porch with our Halloween lights. This is the kind of stuff we have entire ALBUMS of.

Paige's first legal drink

Paige and I also had notebooks when we were in middle school. We would write fascinating letters back and forth to each other all day long, and pass off the notebook to each other between classes. We gave boys code names. We gave each other code names. It was really special. The notebooks weren't just notebooks either. They were sparkly and bright, and we even had one custom made at Office Depot with tie-dyed paper.

At the shower my aunt and cousin hosted. Paige, me, Kiley.

Paige and I were roommates last year when we both made the move to Des Moines. Now we live just five minutes away from each other in West Des Moines which is a big relief :) I need her nearby. I can't live without her!

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