Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 1st

Friday of our honeymoon. We were outside in the sun the entire day, and it was the first day we both ended up with slight burns.

Our day was pretty uneventful which was the way we liked it. We decided to a restaurant in Bucerias for dinner though--and that is where things went terribly wrong for me.

This restaurant was really nice--on a patio with fans blowing, so it felt perfect. We were served an excellent appetizer: roasted portobello mushroom with goat cheese, spinach, and seasoned flat bread.

Soon after the appetizer though, my legs started feeling really itchy. Most of you that know me know that mosquitoes are very attracted to me. It's a wonder I have any blood left the way those things bite me. I thought I must have gotten a couple bites while we were sitting there--after all, we weren't inside, we were on a covered patio. I couldn't stop scratching my legs even after putting Cortizone cream on. Rob was so mad and embarrassed to be sitting with me at this point that he probably wouldn't have minded leaving. One of the bartenders noticed that I couldn't leave my legs alone and generously offered me some insect repellent. It was while putting on the repellent that I realized how bad the bites were.

I have always swollen up pretty bad from mosquito bites, although it has been better as I have gotten older. This was the worst I had even been bitten--especially in a time span of about five minutes. 14 bites on my right leg and 7 on my left leg. I about passed out when I saw all the welts starting to form on my legs. For the next couple days I ate Benadryl like candy so that I could walk.

The food was really good though! I had lobster ravioli and Rob had macadamia-crusted red snapper.

Bring lots of insect repellent to Mexico. And Cortizone and Benadryl.

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