Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Marty Party"

Let's get one thing straight. I am not responsible for actually coining the term "Marty Party." It was actually created by someone else, for someone else.  I am, unfortunately, responsible for applying it to my then nearly-father-in-law when he was in the midst of having his own party. And since Marty Parties have been somewhat frequent lately, the term has spiraled out of control, but that is mostly thanks to one particular Laura/Emily/Kiley/Jenna/Paige/Alexa/Maya/Lana Party.

Golf cart.


  1. I would just like everyone to know that I was NOT involved in the golf cart incident. hahaha

    BUt I did see it.. and it was damn funny!

  2. Yeah I plead the 5th with kiley. we tried like hell to get our own golf cart, but i ended up driving one alone lol with marty party next to me trying to navigate our way through a dimley lit golf course LOOKING FOR JENNA & LAURA THANK YOU. i was also in no way shape or form accountable for what the other two heathens did...i also just happened to see it through two crossed blood shot eyes ha. i wish you two would get married every weekend sal haha.. i'd have liver failure in no time ;)