Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday, July 31st

After we had breakfast in the morning, we took a cab into Puerto Vallarta (our resort was actually north of PV, in Nuevo Vallarta). We took touristy photos and shopped. Didn't find anything fascinating to buy.

Our main reason for going into town was to eat at Agave Grill. It was tucked in between a few small shops a couple blocks off the ocean, but we did manage to find it. It was a trendy place with excellent food.

Our server made fresh salsa at our table. Rob had crab tacos and I had (gasp) a seafood chile relleno. I actually was interested in seafood our entire trip. I think I ate some sort of seafaring creature every single day. In Iowa I just can't get in the mood for seafood. Unless it's a McDonald's fish sandwich, is that stuff from the sea?

We both had really fantastic food. Rob said there was octopus in mine! But how could you spot an octopus in this?!

This is the dessert that our server made for us.

Have you ever been in the most terrific mood and then suddenly had that 180 degree switch and you are totally grouchy? Or rather, have you ever witnessed this behavior from me? That happened as soon as we got in the cab to head back to the resort. I was hot and sweaty and the ride back was awful. Our cab driver couldn't have cared less if we all made it down the block in one piece, much less all the way to the resort. We did make it, and I couldn't have been let out of that back seat fast enough.

When we got back to the resort, we went for a swim in the pool and I recovered to a more congenial state.

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