Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tuesday, July 29th

First day of our honeymoon.

We decided to stop laying in bed wide-awake at about 4am and got up to round up the rest of our things. We left the condo at 5:30am for a 6:30am flight from DSM. Our flights to Denver and then to Puerto Vallarta were pretty uneventful. (Did you see what happened at LAX the other day?)

The Puerto Vallarta airport is in the middle of nowhere! When we made it through customs (i.e. we turned in a sheet of paper that claimed we weren't trying to make a fortune in Mexico and were herded through a revolving door), we found our transportation to the resort. We rode 30 minutes through this dumpy, crammed together area of the city towards the resorts. The bus stopped at a couple resorts to let people off before we got to ours: the Samba Vallarta.

We arrived at 2 something, but couldn't actually get into our room until 3. We were fitted with green bracelets that would feel like handcuffs by the end of the week, and we went to eat a late lunch. Well, late lunch for us, prime meal time for them.

Rob is uncertain upon arrival

Feeling much better once we see the beach :)

We were pleasantly surprised when we got access to our room.
We had a balcony with a nice view of the pool and ocean behind it:

It didn't take us long to find one of the bars. We were fairly concerned with getting our money's worth at this all-inclusive. We Spanglished with a couple of fun bartenders momentarily and then headed to the beach to lighten up. They don't mess around with the drinks! We wonder if they make money at the all-inclusive venture by just making your first couple drinks extra strong so you don't come back for many more? Obviously that wouldn't work with us, but we were just pondering.

Wouldn't this be a nice picture to end the day with? This might as well have been the beginning of the day. Rob thought we should walk up the beach to see how far away this little village called Bucerias was (there were a couple restaurants there we wanted to try sometime during the week). I believed him when he said that based on what he read in Frommer's, it would be a short stroll. It sounded almost leisurely when he described it.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture that shows exactly the angle of the beach from the water. It is not flat. Walking on a beach that is not even remotely level is tolerable for a little while. Not for an hour. Which is how long we walked one way. And there still was no village. I had absolutely no interest in walking back an hour on the beach, and Rob was frustrated with not knowing where Bucerias was. We took a cab back, ate dinner, and had a drink. We figured if walking too far along the beach was our biggest complaint, we were doing pretty good so far :)

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