Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008

I spent a lot of time driving today, and Kiss 107 had a countdown of the top 107 songs of 2008. They were on number 60 when I started the journey. I almost laughed out loud. There aren't really 107 songs that 107.5 plays in an entire year do they? They usually have about 5 in rotation for a good couple months. Unfortunately my Kanye, Beyonce, PCD cd was in the VW, so I decided to tough it out and see if they could really even produce a top 60.

I arrived back home when they were on number 18--and I can only think of two songs they hadn't played yet. What's worse is I missed 47 songs before that. And "Womanizer" only made like number 53! What the heck!

I started thinking about my own countdown for 2008. It was a pretty big year. I don't have 107 things though, only five.

5. Moving.
4. Student teaching.
3. Graduating from Iowa State University of Science and become an English teacher :))
2. Full time teaching job at my dream school.
1. Marrying my dream guy at my dream wedding.

And I'm getting sick of all the newscasters saying "Only a few more hours left of a year that most people would rather forget." This was the best year of my life! And I actually have money now, and I'm more than willing to stimulate the economy unlike all the other people who couldn't manage to spend a dime during shopping season. Unfortunately my husband is one of those finance majors, whatever that means, and seems to think the "economy" is a real thing, rather than a bunch of fake numbers that Alan Greenspan made up.

And guess what else?! 2009 is the Year of the Ox which is MY YEAR in the Chinese calendar!

Adios 2008, I'm off to clear up this cold with a marg, spicy food, and some champagne.

Happy new year!

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