Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ames reunion

Saturday I went to Ames to the ISU men's and women's basketball games. My friends are athletic trainers, so I have the hook up :)) I met Kiley and her parents at her house, and then we happened to get to Hilton at the exact same time Jenna did! Jenna was working for the game--as the other team's trainer!--so she didn't get to sit with us.

It was an awesome game. I'm embarrassed to say that it was my first ISU basketball game EVER. When I was in school I didn't go to any basketball games whatsoever--guys or girls. The girls were playing Vanderbilt, ranked 20th, so it was supposed to be a tough game. It started out a little shaky, but then we ended up getting a good lead and holding it out. Hilton was packed, so that made it even more fun. Kiley is friends with one of the stars of the team, so we got some great seats by getting on her pass list.

After the game, we found the sidewalks, parking lots, windshields, everything to be ice covered. We all--Kiley, her parents, Jenna, Kiley's friend Heather, and me--managed to make it to Old Chicago to eat before the men's game. The men's game was not exciting for a moment. The place was practically empty from the weather being pretty bad. And ISU beat SIU-Edwardsville by like a hundred, so that wasn't exciting either.

Hung around for a while after the game and then made it home safely. I wish I saw my girls more often. We need to take advantage of the fact we live so close right now....Kiley and Jenna are both working on grad school apps for athletic training....and hopefully they both move somewhere fabulous and I can come visit them there :))

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