Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kiley and Jenna graduate from ISU

Friday night we went to Ames to wish Kiley and Jenna congratulations on their graduations from the Athletic Training program at ISU. Kiley's family and friends congregated at her house--including her sister Kari and brother-in-law Dan and their new little guy Hudson! He's adooorrrable. Kiley with her new nephew and godson:

One of a few hundred similar to this :))....

Then we stopped over to Jenna's house. When we approached her house, all was dark but for a campfire with a bunch of people huddled around it. The fire was situated as close to her neighbor's house as her own, so at first we weren't really sure if that was Jenna's party or not--it was too dark to tell. But then, we heard Jenna's voice. And then we saw Jenna's cap and gown. Because she was still donning them. At 10pm. Proof:

Kiley will be a grad assistant at the University of South Dakota next year, working first with athletes in the football program. Jenna will be at Eastern Illinois working with track and field. I'm so excited that they both have jobs! But honestly, I become injured by surprise more frequently than I would like, and it is not going to help my case any that my personal trainers are moving far away from me :)) Jenna only had to live with me a short time, but unfortunately Kiley has lived through more of my ailments than she appreciates :))


  1. ooowww kiley my leggg!! my feet hurt my legs owww help i can't even walk!!! Sally chill your feet cramping.. ha ha ha ha

  2. That was the most messed up morning!!