Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Yesterday my parents came down to visit and go to an I-Cubs game. We had lunch at the Hessen Haus, and my dad discovered a new n/a German beer: Clausthaler. Maybe the O'Douls drinker will make a switch! It was soooo nice out yesterday, so we sat on the patio. We were the only ones out there! There were a bunch of people sitting inside missing out on the beautiful day. The I-Cubs blew the game in the last inning of course; same thing they did the last time Rob and I went. It was a nice day though, and we had great seats.

After the game we made a quick run to Lowe's, and Rob and I did a little planting before we headed over to meet my parents and Andy & Shristi & Zaladet for dinner at Fireside Grill in Altoona.

I got to see some pictures of Baby BOY Shonka!! His little face looks exactly like Zaladet's did when she was about to be born :) Zala's talking more--when she's in the mood--and can say all KINDS of things. She can say her name, which is probably the cutest thing she can say. Sally, Ali, house, shoes, niiiicee, wow, see's pretty funny when she gets going!

A video I took of her being silly climbing on the booth next to our table:


  1. i think that is the first pic i have ever seen of Zaladet smiling. she always seems so serious ;) cool beans.

  2. I know! She is starting to smile a lot more now!