Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Currently living the summer life of a teacher, you know.

Read: housewife.

So today, as I was dutifully ironing my husband's shirts as I brushed up on my trivia, i.e. Millionaire and Jeopardy--so as not to forget all I learned over the summer!--this gal named Alexandra came on Millionaire. She claimed to be a "domestic goddess" because that sounds better than housewife or stay-at-home-mom. She claimed her life was actually pretty glamorous, she was an expert on all things domestic. Way to go, I say. I'd like to hire her so that I could go lay out at Raccoon River Park Beach. So she showed a picture of her twins at home in Wisconsin--a boy and a girl--like, everyone is just cheering this housewife on because she has these adorable twins, and she's so normal and lives in Wisconsin and everything. Then on the next break, she spills her guts that she and a couple of her phone-a-friends have already won a game show! 250,000 bucks on some VH1 pop culture quiz show! Knowing that, I desperately wanted her to miss the next question (an easy one for $25,000, something about Jane Eyre, good grief). How unfair! I need to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant for sure. Some of those people are such idiots.

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