Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Geographic on our deck

For the last few hours this afternoon there has been a "baby' robin camped out in our flower box on our deck. When I first noticed it, it was kind of hiding behind the planter, and I could only see a few weird feathers sticking out. Made me think of those weird birds Disney creates for movies like The Lion King and The Jungle Book....real characters, right.

Once I got a better look at it, I could see that the weird feathers were just those fluffy baby feathers yet to shed....or moult, now that I wiki that. So anyway, its mother comes back every half hour or so to feed it. It's so fat you'd think it could manage on its own by now, but I suppose fatness is no indicator of independence. Obviously I've had a very busy schedule this afternoon in order to capture these pictures and (gasp) FILM of the mother feeding it (video on the bottom is the best).

Rob pointed out that on Planet Earth those photographers bury themselves for hours in order to get one dumb picture of some dumb creature. This wasn't so bad sitting at the table right next to the deck, glancing out every once in a while.

We just set out some crackers to see if it wants a more convenient snack than its mother going to dig up a worm.

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