Thursday, June 25, 2009


I got an email from a clothier advertising BACK TO SCHOOL stuff already! Geez! Halloween is next, right??! Ughh...

Figured I'd be able to fall right back into Days of Our Lives.....but I surprisingly have no clue what's going on....and don't know many of the characters. However--they do this little trivia thing now (well, they did it today, it was my first time watching since last summer) on commercial breaks where one of the actors says something like "Remember a long time ago when such-and-such happened? Well, do you remember.....?" and it's like rack your brain for random Days info. Today the question (delivered by Kristian Alfonso AKA Hope) was "In 1994 Hope suffered from amnesia and believed her name was what?" Yep, I totally knew that she believed her name was Gina. Thank you, Grandma, for my daily dose of Days at age 9 :D

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  1. If you really want to get into DAYS trivia, read the series of Days of our Lives books that I have. I was a freshman when days started and Angie skipped school so she could see the first episode.