Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mayan ruins of Altun Ha in Belize

In this picture you can sort of see how the Mayans formed their plazas into squares. At Altun Ha there were two major plazas--one for the rain god and one for the sun god. The grass covered mound you see bordering this plaza on the left is actually the border between the sun plaza and rain plaza. Our tour guide told us that for hundreds of years the Mayans worshiped the rain god because there was a long drought. Then the rain god answered and there was major flooding. So they built a wall (which is now that grass covered mound), left the rain plaza, and formed a new plaza to worship the sun god. Then there was a long drought again, so they were like, damn it! we have to go back to the other plaza! and packed up their stuff and went back to the rain god....and so on and so on. They kept switching back and forth between the rain and sun gods depending on the weather.

Our tour guide

Sun god temple

This is the Mayan temple--the sun god temple--that is on the labels of the beer they produce in Belize--Belikin.
On top of the sun god temple

That's me

Belize military guys. Our tour guide said their HQ is right next to the Belikin plant, so they have very happy soldiers :) She also said that at pretty much every tourist attraction in Belize there will be several soldiers--these ones just watch women with binocs and take pictures of them. Seriously.

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