Thursday, October 01, 2009


Made chili for dinner which is how you know it's October 1st. Soup weather now. Of course it poured all day and has been a brisk 40 degrees in the mornings this week when I leave for school. Well, 40 degrees in the city, but once I drive out to Dallas Center, the trusty VeeDub dings when the temp hits 39. Like a ding you would hear if your seatbelt wasn't on or the door was open. Like a safety issue, you know. That's how smart Germans are. They understand the concept that if it is 39 degrees or under, the driver better be damn well aware because it's practically an emergency. I always go ahead and turn the dial up on my heated seats when I hear that ding.

Made apple crisp too, with all the apples Mom gave us. Yum. Took some for my 8th grade team today. Meetings are more fun with treats.

Overall I hate fall, hate cold, hate the fact there are Christmas trees up at Von Maur, and wish I at least had a vacation on the docket. Need to get working on spring break.


  1. Arent those apples just the best? We went over to Kerms and picked some more so I have plenty for the frezer. evoL moM

  2. Yes they are! The teachers loved the first round of apple crisp. Made more tonight!