Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning Sunshine!

I just read the book Morning Sunshine by Robin Meade.

This is Robin Meade if you don't know who she is (I didn't until I read her book):

I admit that my initial impression of this book was a negative one (don't judge a book by its cover, ha). "Morning sunshine" is such an icky phrase. Morning is not a highlight for me, as my immediate family and husband can tell you. "Morning sunshine" brings back memories of my mom switching the light on in my room and saying "time to get up!" or (worse) hollering up the stairs (Unfortunately it also reminds me of when I was allowed to "wake up" Andy which occasionally involved ice cubes or a spray bottle. Sorry about that!). I blame my mom for my inability to have a conversation/act like a human being before I've been alone in the bathroom getting ready for my day for a good 45 minutes!

Anyway, so Robin Meade is on CNN's sister HLN, Headline News in the mornings. She wrote a book encouraging people to become more confident. In the book she describes how as an anchor in Chicago, she suffered frequent anxiety attacks right before she was about to go on the news. This after many successful years on TV. Never did quite figure out what sparked the panic attacks other than she "lost her confidence".

I have never seen her morning show, but supposedly she is quite successful because viewers relate to her so well. Her book is written in a voice that supports that idea. At first, anyway. After getting in to the book a ways, I realized that this panic-stricken woman spent her childhood obsessed with being the nice girl and making everyone like her, was homecoming queen, went to college on a full scholarship, became Miss Ohio (won on her third time competing), became a Chicago news anchor at like age 26 I think, and a few years ago was voted Sexiest Newscaster by Playboy. Gosh, I can totally relate!

Robin Meade didn't teach me much about overcoming anxiety. It actually made me a little more anxious when I started comparing myself to her! I really don't have much anxiety, but I like to read books like that every once in a while. I was vaguely interested/jealous to read about someone who seems to catch every break and really enjoys a lot of success in her life (although I have no complaints, as most things have panned out really well for me). Just not the typical "if-this-deadbeat-can-overcome-anxiety-so-can-you" type of thing.


  1. And why is it that you blame me for not being a morning person?

  2. Because you annoyed me the most in the mornings!

  3. Im reading a book about Paula Deen. She had panic attacks and became a recluse for a number of years. The book is quite interesting. evoL moM