Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ringing in Twenty Ten

Alexa came to visit for New Year's Day! We did a little shopping and Laura came over and met us for the movie It's Complicated (funny!) and then dinner afterward. Fantastic day hanging out with the girls. Alexa and I stayed up late watching hilarious wedding shows, each of us thanking our lucky stars that we didn't force the other to carry a lollipop bouquet or have a MUMMER parade.

After breakfast at Waveland Cafe West in Booneville--BEST place ever--there turned out to be some car issues since it was 20 below zero all day we got to do even more shopping on Saturday. David came to retrieve Alexa later in the day, so we had a lovely long weekend.

Today we took down all our Christmas stuff. Sucks that it is January! At least the days are getting longer.

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