Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated last night by eating a couple steaks that Rob made and then going out for some drinks with Joey. A lot of life and family issues were solved in those four hours by the three of us. Today Rob made eggs and biscuits & gravy, but passed on the champagne I bought. Unfortunately for me.

Been watching a lot of Olympics. Today I watched the guys ski around and then stop and shoot some targets. I thought it was kind of random. I'd drop that one from the Olympics. And the luge. I'm not sure how a person wins at the luge. Do they all have the same sled? Wouldn't a heavier person gain more momentum? What about when the sun is shining on the ice and melts some? Don't they need a zamboni to come clear the track? Wouldn't the person who goes first get the advantage by having the best ice? Luge should be dropped too.

I can't believe they showed on world-wide TV the video of the accident of the luge guy from Georgia. I mean, one second he's alive, the next he's dead. Right on TV. Pretty sad.

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