Sunday, March 21, 2010


Most impressive show: killer whales
Funniest show: sealions & otters
Waaaayyy better than expected: dolphins & whales

Manta rollercoaster didn't exactly live up to the hype, but it lives up to its name. The track is above the rider and you actually lay flat (face down, track above you) like a manta would. Overhead harness and leg harnesses keep rider secure.

Rob and I both liked Kraken better than Manta. Floorless rollercoaster, lots of drops and loops. Doesn't beat Hulk at Islands of Adventure, but it was good. Rob really liked the Atlantis water ride at SeaWorld. It was okay, but water rides when the outside temp is less than about 85 degrees is not my thing. We were glad we brought ponchos to SeaWorld (and Islands).

CNN story of the SeaWorld trainer killed last month:

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