Thursday, May 06, 2010

Girls night out

Last weekend, the girls got together in Des Moines for some fun. First....we did a pole dancing class. It was one of the most fun things any of us had ever done! What an awesome way to start a girls night out! We booked Shelley at Steel Axis for 2 hours, and DANG, we could all feel it later! The bruises started showing up that night, and we were outta control sore the next day! But it was totally worth it. What an awesome time. We have a lot more pictures and a couple videos, but we decided we didn't really need to post them ;)))

After we were sweating and sore from pole dancing, we ate and changed at my house. Then it was off to the comedy club. The comedians were hilarious so we ended the night with completely sore bodies and sore FACES from laughing so hard all night! Sunday AM we did some shoe shopping, had a greasy lunch, and then called it a day. Excited for another get-together this summer :)))

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