Monday, August 23, 2010

3rd birthday

Zaladet turned 3 and had a party at Chuck E. Cheese's! She has been talking about her party all summer, and it was finally here. The kids all had a great time playing games and eating pizza and cake. Zala got all kinds of fun new toys that should easily last her until age 4 ;))) Pat and Duane (Bradley) happened to driving through Des Moines on their way to Indee just in time for the party, so it was fun to see them and visit for a while. Really wish we saw them more often than every couple years! Tevlen was such a cuddle bug yesterday--he slept on my shoulder and then on my mom's shoulder for a while and it was so nice to snuggle with him :)) He's growing so fast.

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  1. wait til you see my new frog planter.