Saturday, September 25, 2010


Busy month. Too busy to update, apparently.

Labor Day wknd we went to Chi-town with Mart and Julie to watch the Mets have batting practice on the Cubs. The shopping and eating sure made up for the Cubs sucking it up big time! We had a lot of fun. Man, that's a long drive home. Lilly had a great time staying with Gramma and Grampa Shonka. Uncle Coocoo was probably glad for Lilly to go home though!

Mart and Julie let us come to the Iowa/Iowa State game with them and my Cyclones got smoked again, dang it! Now that that game is over, I can cheer for both the Hawks and Clones. While we were in Iowa City, my saintly parents were in DSM picking up a giant John Deere SNOWBLOWER for us....and delivering it to our garage! I wish I had on film Rob's face when I told him that he now has a snowblower. He is so relieved for the upcoming winter.

Last wknd we went to a neighbor's for a neighborhood get-together which was fun. Got to meet some more people that have moved in to the neighborhood lately. Watched the Iowa/Arizona game that was on late. Pretty disappointing.

Last night Brad and Susan invited us over for drinks and apps. Paul and Donna were in town for the wknd, Joey and his girlfriend Lindsey were there, and then us and Ryan. Ryan spent the night at our house so that he could be in Ames bright and early to tailgate for the ISU/UNI game.....wearing a Hawks shirt. Go figure. Hoping for some pictures from Paul's camera to be emailed to me from last night! I forgot to take mine :(

Today I got my butt over to Younkers right when they opened and forced some poor woman at the Estee Lauder counter to make me up about seven different times. I wasn't leaving there with MORE makeup that doesn't match my skin. Mission accomplished! The rest of the day I have spent baking caramel swirl brownies and cuddling with Lilly Bear. Now it's time for Mexican take out and more college football.....and convincing Rob he should use up some Younkers coupons tmrw. Wish me luck :)))

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