Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good morning!

Rob made my life today by getting up earlier than me--getting the paper off the steps--and going out to retrieve a couple cappuccinos and donuts! He is feeling great today because Lilly doesn't come home from the kennel until 7pm. He is going to live it up with no puppy to take care of.

Having a lazy morning after all our energy was sucked out of us at the Iowa/Wisconsin game yesterday. Remember when I was a Badger for like a day? I was all registered for classes and everything. I had a student ID! There were more Badger fans at the game yesterday than there had been Cyclone fans at the Iowa/Iowa State game.

Iowa State beat Texas! YAY! The news even did a report this week about how there are 21 Cyclones on the team who are from Texas--and they were pumped to play at Texas because a lot of their friends and family could watch them play. Guess it helped! Next week is homecoming and Laura and I will be brushing off our clarinets to play the fight song. Probably need some Icy Hot for my calvies after high stepping.

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