Sunday, December 05, 2010

My DiSC profile

I had class on Saturday--I am currently taking evaluator training so I will know how to effectively evaluate teachers when I become an administrator someday. (By the way, at this time next year, I will be DONE with my Master's!!) We spent two hours doing DiSC training--we took this test (very short--about 15 minutes) that is behavior based--not personality based--and then our instructor, who happens to be an associate superintendent at Waukee (where they use DiSC as a part of HR), trained us on what our results really mean. The test consisted of lists of different behaviors, and then you had to determine how often you display those behaviors--things like stubbornness, excitement, or bluntness. The results will place you within a circle that is a blend of four major behavior types from which the acronym DiSC comes from: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Here is the circle chart:

Wikipedia explains the four areas like this:
  • Dominance: People who score high in the intensity of the "D" styles factor are very active in dealing with problems and challenges, while low "D" scores are people who want to do more research before committing to a decision. High "D" people are described as demanding, forceful, egocentric, strong willed, driving, determined, ambitious, aggressive, and pioneering. Low D scores describe those who are conservative, low keyed, cooperative, calculating, undemanding, cautious, mild, agreeable, modest and peaceful.
  • Influence: People with high "I" scores influence others through talking and activity and tend to be emotional. They are described as convincing, magnetic, political, enthusiastic, persuasive, warm, demonstrative, trusting, and optimistic. Those with low "I" scores influence more by data and facts, and not with feelings. They are described as reflective, factual, calculating, skeptical, logical, suspicious, matter of fact, pessimistic, and critical.
  • Steadiness: People with high "S" styles scores want a steady pace, security, and do not like sudden change. High "S" individuals are calm, relaxed, patient, possessive, predictable, deliberate, stable, consistent, and tend to be unemotional and poker faced. Low "S" intensity scores are those who like change and variety. People with low "S" scores are described as restless, demonstrative, impatient, eager, or even impulsive.
  • Conscientious: People with high "C" styles adhere to rules, regulations, and structure. They like to do quality work and do it right the first time. High "C" people are careful, cautious, exacting, neat, systematic, diplomatic, accurate, and tactful. Those with low "C" scores challenge the rules and want independence and are described as self-willed, stubborn, opinionated, unsystematic, arbitrary, and unconcerned with details.
The chart below (click to enlarge) explains the areas further:
On the circle chart above, there are white dots that show where the members of our class ended up.....any guesses on which is me?!.............I ended up in the Influence category.......the white dot closest the center (the farther you are from the center of the circle, the harder it is for someone to transition to other behavior types as necessary depending on the situation). When I first got the results, I thought "This test doesn't work at all! That is SO not me!"---mainly because I saw the word "enthusiasm" and equated that with "cheerleader." But.....the more I read the results, the more I had to admit that this thing really does work--and it worked for every single person in my class. I made Rob read through the results too (it's a big packet of info) and we both agreed it got me dead-on. He and I also made the same guess for what he would be--he would be in the Conscientious category on the outer edge of the circle, kind of close to the Steadiness part. In other words, we are opposites :))

The main reasons we both agreed that I really am in the Influence category were that my motivators are typically:
  • being around people with charisma
  • getting people involved
  • meeting people
  • taking action--and forgetting the details because I just want to get going
  • being spontaneous
  • chatting
And that my stressors are:
  • getting stuck in routines
  • working on details
  • supporting my position with facts rather than intuition
  • being in a boring, dull, unsocial environment
  • being isolated or ignored
There was only really one thing in the report about me that didn't match. That was that it said I am inclined to brush unpleasantness under the rug for as long as possible--I NEVER do that. I harp on problems and demand they be fixed--that is the D category in me I guess. Since I am close to the center of the circle, I can transition easily between categories:))


  1. Kris shonka10:04 AM

    Which type am I????

  2. You are very "I"--I think you would be on the line of I and S though--VERY far away from both D and C! What do you think you are? And which one do you think Dad is? I have a guess.....