Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life sentence for man I stared at for three days

In October I served on a federal jury. After three days of trial and deliberation, my jury found a man guilty of conspiring to distribute a whole bunch of meth. On Friday, that man was given a LIFE sentence with 10 years of supervised release if he ever does get out of federal prison. I know it was a big deal.....a huge crime....a lot of other people mixed up in this.....but at no point did I think he would be given a life sentence.

I know it is not the job of the jury to even consider sentencing.....this whole thing has just been really weird. I know we made the right decision.....I wouldn't change my mind if I could go back. It is just strange to think that....while I go about my business....this guy who sat five feet from me for three days....will be in federal prison. He will live the rest of his life knowing--even if he does get out of prison someday--that he was given a LIFE sentence. I will live the rest of my life knowing--even though he broke the law and earned himself a position where he is--I was one of 12 (but an individual who could have thrown the whole jury's decision) who sent him on his way.

In the news story about his sentencing, HERE, where it says that he was "convicted by jury trial," it might as well say, "convicted by Sally." I never want to be on a jury again. It is hard.

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