Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good thing I had champagne for breakfast so I could stomach the homophobic letters to the editor in the paper this morning. Sickening.

It's been a great day otherwise. Rob brought home a skinny cinnamon dolce latte and blueberry muffin for my ideal breakfast, as well as flowers and chocolate. Nice work!! It's sunny out and the snow is melting. I've decided to keep going on the champagne. Iowa State women are on TV today and so are Iowa men. Hopefully nap time does not interfere with those big plans.

Yesterday, after a long discussion about what qualifies as a "small vacation," (Rob's words, obviously :)) I started to write some itineraries for this summer on a note pad. Rob does Excel--I do post-it note pads. I also look through magazines, Facebook, and check my email as I plan. Turns out I do not get done as quickly as he does, and the quality of my work may not LOOK as great as his, but the quality of my own experience is much higher.
Today I have come up with a new project for my dad, but he doesn't know about it yet. I want him to make us a new tabletop out of Bubinga wood. He has already agreed to make a Bubinga top for the magazine rack I bought at Pier 1 a month or so why not just throw a quick dining table top into the mix?! :)))

The other thing I'm thinking a lot about is a doormat. Oddly enough, like most garages, I hate most doormats. We have a perfectly acceptable fall doormat--an Iowa Hawkeyes one. We do not yet have an acceptable spring/summer mat. (Our winter one isn't great, but this year I'll find a great one.)

Doormats that are out:

  • anything with a message (English or otherwise), especially messages synonymous with "Welcome." Too cliche.
  • anything that has to do with dogs.
  • anything personalized.
  • team logos for out-of-season sports. Red Sox or Cubs mat fine for spring/summer, Iowa or Iowa State, only in the fall.
  • anything that could be a bumper sticker. Fail.
While my search so far has not exactly been exhaustive, here are a few I like:

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