Friday, February 18, 2011

Have you ever thought to yourself,

Girlfriend needs to wipe some makeup off!

I have.

Luckily I've never seen Taylor Momsen in person....hopefully she wouldn't attack me for any of my jewelry or anything because I know raccoons like shiny things. I've seen a lot of other bad makeup though. Or something stuck in someone's teeth. Or food on their face. (This is awkward to even write about.) Or something in their hair. Or "Girlfriend needs to pull her shirt down in the back!" That's a bad one.

When I was really busy organizing my closet on this lovely Friday evening--while Rob is on hold with AT&T--I know, go crazy, right?--I was counting how many people I would actually inform if they were having a little mishap that they didn't know about. The makeup is definitely different from the food on your face because the food on the face--I'm pretty sure they don't want that there--where the makeup.....I'm bound to think they looked in the mirror this morning and said, "Yup! Ready to leave the house!" Mishap vs personal (unfortunate) choice. (Wouldn't it be weird if I was the makeup girl??!! I'm so not.) Anyway, I counted 10 girls and 4 guys that I would be okay telling them if they were having a mishap (kids don't count). It was a higher number than I thought I would come to when I first started thinking about it. But....that leaves a lot of people that I come into contact with that will get no help from me if they are about to look stupid for the next hour or whatever. My technique for not telling people that they have something on them/etc/etc is to stop looking at them. Inventive, I know. I pretend that I never saw it, so I can continue to pretend that it's not my fault when they realize later on that "TEN PEOPLE THAT SAW ME IN THE LAST HOUR DID NOT TELL ME I HAVE CHOCOLATE ALL OVER MY LIPS."

When I thought about the number of people it would actually be okay with me to tell ME that something awkward is happening to me and I don't know it.....I only counted 5 total. Is it worse to go through a period of time looking stupid.....or to feel embarrassed when someone tells you that you look stupid? At present I'm going with looking stupid for a while......unless you are one of my 5. Then you better tell me. I really hope you know who you are.

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