Sunday, March 06, 2011


This will come as a surprise, but there are several things about me that annoy Rob. One of them is how I pack (or don't) for vacation. I prefer to pack the night before we leave....because if I pack too early, I will probably need some of that stuff before we leave! That's more trouble than it's worth. And--as is my life motto ever since Jenna taught it to me--if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute. Rob thought he would get me this time because I'm really busy this week and legitimately will not have time to pack until late in to the night. Don't care. Not packing until Thursday. He still doesn't really get the fact that one time I packed for an ENTIRE SUMMER the night/hours before going to the airport. Did I forget things? Yes. Did it matter? No. And that is because when I travel, I always go to a civilized place that has anything I need. I mean, we aren't going on a safari or an anthropological study here. I can buy stuff when I get there if I need to. So anyway, he brought the luggage up from the basement just to bug me. To get him off my case for a couple more days, I dumped a few pairs of shoes in mine and piled some dresses on top. Now we can all pretend like I have started packing.

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