Saturday, April 09, 2011

Another quick homeowner project

The weekend started off with gas station pizza and Cubs baseball. Got a glimpse of my life for the next seven months--although the Cubs won last night, so it may not have been the most accurate picture of the coming months. Today handy-man Rob put up a shower door in our bathroom. Took a little longer than he predicted it would take, but we are coming up on cocktail hour, so it's quitting time regardless.

Yesterday a young Iowa Realty agent was killed--shot to death--in a model townhouse about a mile from our house. She was 27 and super cute....stalker maybe? I take Lilly for walks around that area all the time, so I'm paranoid a murderer is on the loose in in our neighborhood--although for some reason, even though the police have no leads, no suspects, no nothing, they are claiming they don't think there is a random murderer on the loose.

Rob's quick project:

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