Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter wknd

Unfortunately for Rob I chose a weekend when we would be in the car for nearly five hours to rediscover Tammy Wynette. I know a lot of Tammy Wynette songs thanks to a cassette that my dad and I listened to whenever we were in his truck. Now he has Tammy on his "little records" and I have Tammy on my iPhone. Love her. Don't totally love her messages, but her songs are so dang catchy.

When I was in 4th grade, I was Tammy Wynette for Night of the Notables.....something we did for TAG. We all had to write poems about our people to make the audience (our families) guess who we were. The last line was supposed to be the clincher that made it obvious who you naturally the last line of mine was something about telling a woman to "stand by your man." Tammy had catchy tunes.....but girl needed to get a little girl power! And just when you think she's "Run Woman Run".....she sings "run woman, run your man." Nope, not much girl power for Tammy.

Here I am as Tammy Wynette right before Night of the Notables......1995??

So it was Easter weekend......we went to Mart & Julie's house Saturday and had dinner with them and Paul & Donna and Ryan. The Easter bunny visited their house Sunday morning! :)) The Easter bunny hasn't found where we live yet, so I'm glad he found us there. Sunday we went to the Shonkas.........first had to fill all the eggs for the epic hunt for all the little kiddos--this year was Zaladet & Tevlen (Andy & Shristi's), Zeva & Giana (Adam and Kara's), and Carrissa (Danny's).

Then the hunt.....Zala & Carrissa......


Grandpa & Tevlen......

Grandpa & Tev.......and Cooter getting up in Tev's business!!!

Lilly wants Little Sister the cat as her little sister!! So cute <3

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