Tuesday, April 12, 2011

KB earns her doctorate!!

Had to share this. I've been lucky to have had a few phenomenal mentors and friends and Kelly Benning was my most influential starting in middle school. Back then she was "Codine" to us kids......short for Kelly Codina before she went back to her maiden name. She has been living my dream life for years now, teaching in a DODDS school in Germany, traveling around, raising her lovely girls......and she was gracious enough--Kelly AND the girls, Maya, Lana, and Lauren--were gracious enough to host me for basically the entire summer of 2006. I can't even begin to count the things she has done for me over the years and how much I have learned from her.

Got me reminiscing!!.....Wish I could find some pictures from when she was our MS foreign language and TAG teacher.....but cameras weren't as handy then :))) I do have pictures somewhere of the summer after my senior year of HS.....when several of us (including Ryan!!!) went with Iowa Ambassadors of Music on the three week Europe trip.....she came to meet us in Germany......SO much fun!! Ryan still remembers Lauren acting nutty.....she was so little then :))

Back in summer 06 when Kelly finished her Master's......
They all made it back to IA for our wedding!.....Rehearsal dinner and wedding in 2008....

Lauren, Lana, me, Maya, Kelly

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