Sunday, June 19, 2011

My favorite things....

  • My dad. Happy Father's Day!!

  • The Band Perry. Especially "You Lie" and "Independence". I like country music in the summer, it reminds me of my lifeguarding days in Indee.

  • Gin and tonic. Especially with a teaspoon of grenadine. Yum.

  • Adventureland. Made a trip over to the bassackward Adventureland Inn to wander aimlessly from their hallway signs that make no sense whatsoever. All is well because I finally made it to room 283 where Joni & Bob and fam were gathered. Watched cutie pie Jadyn swim for a while and then made the rounds of rides with Joni.....wished my dad was there for the Tiltawhirl :)))

SO OVER.......

  • Being outside. Loved hanging out with these two on the deck this weekend......until the mosquitoes attacked (and attacked me only, of course). Spent today on the couch with cortisone cream, benadryl, ibuprofen, steroid cream, ice packs, and Rory McIlroy .

So cute!!----------------------------->

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